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Brooke Scarlet: Video: A Football Life Al Davis: What Just Win Baby is All About

May 13, 2013

Just Win Baby

Just Win Baby

A Football Life Al Davis – YouTube.

There are plenty of ways you could describe Al Davis but however you do it the word genius must be in there somewhere. Whether you are talking about Al Davis, the scout, the head coach, the general manager, the managing partner or the commissioner. All roles that Al Davis held but in all of those jobs that he had he was always about two things. Winning as much as possible including as many championships as possible and always improving always advancing and moving the ball forward. figuratively and in reality that’s what his vertical offense was about moving the ball forward as fast as possible. To score as many points as possible but also on defense with his pressure defense. To keep his opponents from moving the ball at all by not having to blitz or double team to stop the passing game or running game. Because you have a great front seven and two cover corners who are always in the receivers face who do not get beat one on one.

So that’s the philosophy of how he wants his teams to play but that’s just one aspect of just win baby. Now you need the coaches to run the philosophy but you also need the players to execute this philosophy. And just win baby was about getting the best players possible whoever they are and where ever they come from and where ever they played at. Which is how he drafts OT Art Shell, OG Gene Upshaw perhaps the best OT and OG who’ve ever played. When other teams were perhaps not even looking at those players and then you also draft CB Willy Brown another player other teams aren’t. Looking at because of the time and resources that Al put into scouting and his personal department. The three guys I just mentioned are all in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. When the Raiders were in decline in the late 1970s, Al signs QB Jim Plunkett who couldn’t make it in New England or. San Francisco when no one else wanted Plunkett. And Plunkett leads the Raiders to two Super Bowl championships in 1980 and 84.

Al Davis was certainly not perfect the whole way he handled RB Marcus Allen that I covered yesterday. Is a perfect example of that and how the Raiders declined in the 1990s is another example of that. But you are not going to find another man who had a bigger impact on pro football in a positive sense then Al Davis. And if you look at lot of the vertical offenses in the NFL today like in San Diego and in New Orleans to use as examples. The offense and defensive side of football all have been influenced by Al Davis because of how successful they were with the Raiders.

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